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Francis Rios, Board Member

Westminster Arts Academy

Francis is the co-owner and Executive Director of the Westminster Arts Academy, one of the largest music schools in Orange County. The Academy teaches multiple instruments, as well as dance and art, while providing performance opportunities for its students, on the big stage and around the community. Westminster Arts Academy also provides scholarships to underprivileged children, to help bring the magic of The Arts into their lives.


With a background in Defense and Aerospace manufacturing, Francis developed a specific discipline in business management. Through systems and processes, he applies this to his own business, to continuously improve the quality of service, which is held in the highest priority. He has further developed his skills in sales and marketing and now looks to help other small business owners do the same.


“I love to help other small business grow. Growing up in a family business and witnessing firsthand the passion along with the struggles, I now see it everywhere I go. To see those challenges turn into triumphs is a beautiful thing. Joining the Board of Directors for the Chamber is one way for me to help the small businesses of the community take their business to the next level. It is an honor to serve the community in this way.”