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Mari Nalbandian is presently the Director of Marketing and Community Relations for 9Round Kickboxing Fitness. She previously held the same position at Chick-fil-A Beach Blvd where she successfully helped increase visibility, community engagement, and sales.  As a parent and passionate advocate for disability rights for many years, she educated thousands of parents to effectively help and advocate for their loved ones to find necessary services, so their children could reach their maximum potential.  She appeared in Univision Network TV and Radio and spoke regularly at conferences as part of a wide outreach effort to educate Hispanic families about Autism Spectrum Disorders.


In her newest role at 9Round Costa Mesa, she works to promote the proprietary and effective 30 minute workouts developed by a World Champion Kickboxer, meeting new people in their fitness journey, and partnering with community organizations and businesses in the Costa Mesa and Newport Beach areas to promote well-being for all.  She, along with her husband, has recently launched an adapted kickboxing program for those with special needs to facilitate participation in a fun and recreational workout providing a much needed opportunity to obtain health benefits for this population.

Mari Nalbandian

Board of Director