Teri Vu Nguyen, Board Member

TEri Vu.jpeg

Teri is the current owner of Pro’s Bolsa Tickets, Inc, established in 1980 

A professional answering service, the first of its kind in America. PBTS now is servicing customers 24/7 in Southern California, mostly in Orange County and Los Angeles. PCS’ s goal is to expand this service from coast to coast, with an eye of developing to others state in the USA. 

In 2008, Teri founded Bolsa Tickets, the first Vietnamese tickets master online (BTI.) BTI is a host of the Dining and Entertainment Talk Show on Vietnamese Radio and Television 

As part of her well-connected network, Teri is also the Founder Of Multicultural Fest Foundation. The purpose of the foundation is to promote and award all cultures such as arts, music, literature, painting, honors veterans, etc.… thru concerts gala dinners held once a year in the community.